Where are you located?

We are based in Tifton, Ga but unlike many traditional businesses we are a mobile company. We come to you! We’ve found that visiting our clients in their place of business or personal space gives us a better picture of that client’s personality, style, and image they wish to present to the world.

Plus, let’s just be honest here, commercial rentals and office spaces are expensive! We have no need for it, so why have the overhead?

What are your normal business hours?

We do business Monday through Friday from 10am to 6pm Eastern Time. Typically we take all major holidays, such as Christmas, off unless we have a major project with a deadline.

How do I get in touch with you?

If you are seeking a consultation for a web design project, we ask that you use the Free Consultation Form located HERE.

For everything else, feel free to email us at support@tiftonwebdesign.com and we’ll be happy to assist you.

How much do you charge to build a website?

That all depends on the type of website. Our cheapest web design plan is $45.00 per month, while our most expensive plan is $155.00 per month. You can see our web design plans, including prices and everything they include HERE.

Do I have to pay a monthly fee? Can't you just build me a site and let me take over from there?

Yes and no. You see, many people have the misconception that web design is a product; something you buy and then you own it and that’s that. In reality, web design is a service and is on-going. We can build a website today, and tomorrow something will change with Google or Safari and the website will need to be updated pretty soon to be compatible with that change, otherwise it will stop working once the change goes into effect. Hence, the monthly service fee we charge for web design; we’re not simply building you a website and sitting back to collect; we’re providing on-going maintenance, security updates, web hosting, bandwidth, email, etc.

That being said, we CAN build a website for you, for a flat fee, and hand over the files so that you can do your own hosting and maintenance. If that is something you would like to explore, simply Contact Us and we’ll discuss options.

Why do you use WordPress?

There are actually two versions of WordPress out there. One is WordPress.com, a subscription-based drag and drop website builder that uses templates and makes everyone’s website look very similar. Then there is WordPress.org, which is an open-source design platform and content management system that literally powers 1/3 of the entire internet. We use the latter.

We use WordPress because it is the most secure and widely accepted standard for web design today. Major companies such as The NY Times, eBay, Amazon, Wayfair, etc. use WordPress to manage their websites and online stores. We use it because it works, and we don’t believe in fixing something that isn’t broken.

Do you require a contract or an agreement for web design projects?

Absolutely. We’ve been burned in the past in situations where we built websites without some sort of written agreement in place, and we have learned that lesson. Our design agreement is pretty much industry standard and outlines the services you will receive, the payment schedule and fee, copyright assignment, and termination guidelines. It protects us as well as our client in the event that things go south.

How quickly can my new website be up and running?

That depends on the size of your website and the amount of content that needs to be added. It also depends on how quickly we are able to receive content from the client, such as images, video, and text that need to be added to the pages. We create timelines for each project based on an estimation of how long it will take for the website to go live, so get in touch with us and we can give you a ballpark based on your idea.

Typically, most websites are completed within 2 weeks.

Am I obligated to continue paying anything should I choose to terminate my contract after my website has been completed?

We don’t lock anyone into anything. Our contracts are open-ended and run indefinitely until cancelled. As long as you keep your contract and continue to pay your monthly service fees, you will continue to have a website that is maintained by us at no extra charge.

In the event that you choose to end your contract, simply Contact Us to let us know. We will place your website into maintenance mode, blocking the content from public view, and you will receive a pro-rated final invoice at the end of the current billing cycle. Once that invoice has been paid, your obligation to us ends.

As stated in all of our contracts, your website will remain in maintenance mode for a period of 6 months, during which time you may purchase the design copyrights and files to your website at the pre-determined price mentioned in your contract. If you wish to do this, simply Contact Us and we’ll get everything squared away for you.